Deploy Diary #1

Deploying Rails 4 to multiple web heads with Capistrano 3, with sidekiq and rbenv #

I’m working on a project that gives me an interesting time to play around with this hosting model.

I’m not an expert yet, but this article and the rest in my deploying diary will be what I’ve found and then I can post a recap after I learn what I need to feel comfortable here.

The goal #

I want a pattern I can use with future rails apps. I’m assuming every web server will also have a worker process on it for sidekiq. I want a capistrano task that can set this all up for the first time. I’m also assuming I’m using a cloud service for these as vps’s that I will want to shutdown and boot up using a combination of ssh and api calls.

Unknowns #

I’ve never used a daemon monitor, setup from scratch like monit or runit. But I want the benefits of that so I will be researching and including that in the install script.

Known Caveats #

I’m using mysql in this experiment. I want to use postgres as well, but the app that I get to play with is already on mysql and it’s an unneccessary change at this point. Once a base is established this will be a good play point.

This will be an ubuntu 14.04 server which will tint the process as well.


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