EDC update - new wallet

I’ve been into refining my Every Day Carry for a long time. I’ve finally decided to start cataloging what is in it. But first, a little bit of a review of a the newest item in my pockets daily.

Machine Era Wallet


It’s a pocket, made of metal, with a groove and rubber band to keep everything in it flat and tidy. It holds “6 cards.” Which in my experience is 6 cards, 2 insurance cards and ~7$ in 1$ bills before it becomes awkward.

Hands down the best front pocket wallet I’ve tried.
Sturdy, keeps the cards from bending and being thinner than an iphone 5s, can be stuffed into any of my pockets.

Given it’s metal nature, I can even wear it in the back pocket and feel fine about sitting on it.

This summer, I will test it’s water resistance by carrying it with me to the waterpark with the kids. We need our park id’s for admission to rides and areas, and we also need ID for adult refreshments and a payment source. This seems like the perfect solution, in a form that won’t be warped or broken by contact with water.


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